Garry Waller
Director of Photography
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Features Studio/Prod Co. Director
LIVING WITH MONSTERS (24P) Discovery Channel Pierre de Lespinois
Emmy Nomination
PASSION OF THE DRUMS Discovery Channel Pierre de Lespinois
ONE HOUR PHOTO (2nd Unit DP) Fox Searchlight Mark Romanek
THREE WISHES (2nd Unit DP) Rysher Entertainment Martha Coolidge
CLIFFHANGER (Visual FX DP) Tristar Renny Harlin
DIE HARD (Visual FX DP) 20th Century Fox John Mc Tiernan
ALIEN 3 (Visual FX DP) 20th Century Fox David Fincher
POLTERGEIST III (Visual FX DP) MGM Steven Spielberg
Academy Award Nomination, Best Achievement in Visual Effects
GHOSTBUSTERS (Visual FX DP) Columbia Ivan Reitman
RETURN OF THE JEDI (Visual FX DP) 20th Century Fox Richard Marquand
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (Visual FX DP) Paramount Pictures Steven Spielberg
AIR FORCE ONE (Visual FX DP) Columbia Wolfgang Peterson
MARS ATTACKS (Saucer Crash DP) Warner Bros. Tim Burton
SPEED (Title Elevator Sequence DP) 20th Century Fox Jan De Bont
BATMAN RETURNS (DP Miniatures) Warner Bros. Tim Burton
LAST OF THE MOHICANS (Plates DP) Morgan Creek Productions Michael Mann
GHOST (Special Projects Supervisor) Paramount Pictures Jerry Zucker
2010 (Visual FX DP) MGM Peter Hyams
Commercials: Worked with many distinguished directors, including: Nelson Cabrera, Meiert Avis, Brian Belefont, Ian Carr, Erik Friedman, Buddy Cone, Tim Cronenweth, Dayton-Faris, Neil Dufine, Scott Duncan, Eric Durst, David Fincher, Antoine Fuqua, Richard Goldstone, Marc Greenfield, Sam Gulisano, Ron Hamad, Anthony Hofmann, Barnaby Jackson, Karen Jorgensen, Suzanne Kiley, Richard Kizu-Blair, Little X, Martine Lobo, Farhad Mann, Zach Math, Dave Meyers, John O'Hagan, Jim Ritchie, Henry Sandbank, Randy Spears, Paul Street, Albert Watson, Marty Weiss

Noted spots include work for: AT&T, Army National Guard, Corolla, Hyundai, "Veracruz", Chrysler, "Dr. Z", GMC Yukon, Denny's, Infiniti Summer Events, Netscape, Verizon, Bob Evans Restaurant, TNT "Into The West" Promo, Ford Mustang, iPod, Hewlett Packard, Lincoln Mercury, St. Vincent Hospital, Florida Lottery, Honda, Coco-Cola, Packard Bell, Amoco, Hyundai, Budweiser, Pontiac *** , Fila, McDonald's, Adidas, Activsion, Mitsubishi, Auto, Toyota 4 Runner, Orowheat, American Express, Ford, Magnavox ****, Atlantic Bell, United Dairy Farmers, Nissan, Showtime, Maalox, Atlantis Casino, NFL, Preferred Stock Cologne, Cheer, Toyota Tacoma, TNT Promo, Sony Playstation GT4, Saturn
Music Videos: Noted spots include work for: Alan Jackson, Rolling Stones **, Bonnie Raitt, Black Rob, Neil Finn, Traci Lord
Affiliations: Local 600