Steve Arnold
Production Designer
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Features Studio/Prod Co. Director
THE BIG BANG Hannibal Pictures Tony Krantz
DEADLINE KRU Studios Sean McConville
ROBOSAPIEN: REBOOTED Crystal Sky Pictures Sean McNamara
THE POOL BOYS Seven Arts Pictures J.B. Rogers
EM Wave Crest Pictures Tony Barbieri
REPO Fast Car Entertainment Ben Gourley
Features (Art Director) Studio/Prod Co. Director
APPALOOSA New Line Cinema Ed Harris
BEWITCHED Columbia Pictures Nora Ephron
AFTER THE SUNSET New Line Cinema Brett Ratner
VAN HELSING Universal Pictures Steven Sommers
SOLARIS 20th Century Fox Steven Soderbergh
THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE Universal Pictures Alan Parker
SPIDER-MAN (Supervising Art Director) Columbia Pictures Sam Raimi
UNBREAKABLE Touchstone Pictures M. Right Shyamalan
FOR LOVE OF THE GAME Universal Pictures Sam Raimi
RIDE WITH THE DEVIL Universal Pictures Ang Lee
FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS Universal Pictures Terry Gilliam
FACE OFF Paramount Pictures John Woo
THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT New Line Cinema Renny Harlin
ASSASINS Warner Bros. Pictures Richard Donner
GET SHORTY MGM Barry Sonnenfeld
MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET 20th Century Fox Les Mayfield
SIMPLE JUSTICE Vanguard Cinema Deborah Del Prete
Assistant Art Director Studio/Prod Co. Director
FORREST GUMP Paramount Pictures Robert Zemeckis
THE HUDSUCKER PROXY Warner Bros. Pictures Joel Coen
HERO Columbia Pictures Stephen Frears
BUGSY TriStar Pictures Barry Levinson
COME SEE THE PARADISE 20th Century Fox Alan Parker
MISSISSIPPI BURNING Orion Pictures Alan Parker
Features (Set Designer) Studio/Prod Co. Director
THE DOORS TriStar Pictures Oliver Stone
DOMINICK & EUGENE Orion Pictures Robert M. Young
Television Network/Prod Co. Director
HOUSE OF CARDS (Season 1, 2, 3 & 4) MRC Studios / Netflix Various
2014 Art Directors Guild Awards Nomination
Emmy Nomination- Art Direction, Contemporary or Fantasy Series (Single Camera)
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