Steve Mason ASC, ACS
Director of Photography
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Features Studio/Prod Co. Director
A CHANGE OF HEART Surprise Film Kenny Ortega
BREAKING AT THE EDGE Vitamin A Films Predrag Antonijevic
LITTLE MURDER Mind In Motion Entertainment Predrag Antonijevic
BLOOD DONE SIGN MY NAME Independent Jeb Stuart
HAVE DREAMS WILL TRAVEL Mount Co./ Burnt Orange Brad Isaacs
HARSH TIMES MGM / Bauer Martinez David Ayer
THE WENDELL BAKER STORY Independent / Mark Johnson Luke Wilson, Andrew Wilson
VENOM Dimension Jim Gillespie
BASIC Phoenix / Intermedia John McTiernan
BOOTMEN + ***** *** Fox Searchlight Dein Perry
BASEKETBALL Universal David Zucker
THAT OLD FEELING Universal Carl Reiner
TO WONG FOO, Universal Beeban Kidron
STRICTLY BALLROOM ** Miramax Baz Luhrmann
BROKEN HIGHWAY ** Southern Star International Laurie Mclnnes
RED HEADS ** Unapix International Danny Vandramini
WAITING London Films Jackie McKimmie
THE TALE OF RUBY ROSE ++ Roger Scholes
Television Network/Prod Co. Director
BIG THUNDER (Pilot)* ABC Rob Bowman
CASTLE (Season 5 / 6 Episodes) ABC Various
MAD MEN (Season 1 / 4 Episodes) AMC Various
VIVA LAUGHLIN (Pilot) Sony TV Gabriele Muccino
MURDER BOOK (Pilot) Fox TV Antoine Fuqua
FAME L.A. (2 hr. Pilot) Warner Bros. TV Kenny Ortega
Human Rights Award Best T.V. Documentary In Service for Human Rights
KIDS OF THE CROSS Seven Network Steve Mason
Documentaries Studio/Prod Co. Director

Additional Camera Credits


GORILLAS IN THE MIST (Camera Operator) Universal Michael Apted/John Seale
MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME (2nd Unit DP) Warner Bros. George Miller/Dean Semler
CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU (Camera Assistant) 20th Century Fox Carl Schultz/ John Seale
+ AFI Award * ACS Award ** ACS Highly Commended *** Film Critics Award ++ Nominated Best Film Institute Awards-Cinematography * Shared Credit
Commercials: Worked with many distinguished directors, including: Ron Ames, Robin Armstrong, David Ayer, Jeff Bednarz, Robert Black, Danny Boyle, Buddy Cone, Jeff Cooney, Glenn Dady, Jeff Kaumeyer, Lance Kelleher, David Levin, Bob Morrow, Cris Mudge, Justin Reardon, Brendon Norman Ross, Reto Salimbeni, Andy Tennant, David Wild, Charles Wittenmeier, Sue Worthy, Martin Wedderburn
Affiliations: Local #600